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miniE v1 acrylic enclosure - full set

miniE v1 acrylic enclosure - full set
This enclosure is designed to be used with the miniEngine v1.

It contains a CNC routed enclosure made from 3mm thick, clear acrylic glass (Lexan® by SABIC). The total measurements are 146mm x 90mm x 50mm.

This full set contains the main enclosure parts including all needed holes. It also contains screws, nuts and washers to fix the miniEngine v1 in the enclosure as well as all needed items to break out the functionality of the miniEngine:
  • power switch
  • camera connector
  • power connector
  • motor / limit switch connector
  • button extensions

The documentation can be downloaded here: Download!

Please keep in mind that sets with removed protective film and worked parts will not be taken back!

These parts are included in the full set:

Top plate:

Bottom plate:

Side plates (long):

Side plates (short):

Enclosure screws:

minEngine v1 screws:

Additional parts:


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