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miniE shield v1.3 PCB
[miniE shield]

The miniE shield is designed as an Arduino shield that holds all required hardware components to sport the miniEngine motion-control-system for timelapse photography. The following components can be placed on the miniE shield PCB:
  • Easydriver v4.4
  • Sparkfun RTC Module (DS1307)
  • Camera connector (2.5mm headphone jack ready for the camera or 2.45mm-pitch port delivering the raw Arduino signals)
  • Motor connector (generic 2.45mm-pitch port or 4P4C jack)
  • Limit switch connector (generic 2.45mm-pitch port)
The hardware is licensed under the CERN open hardware license v1.1. The license, the CAD files as well as the BOM can be downloaded here (Right click » Save as...):

Documentation Hardware
Documentation Software
Eagle board file
Eagle schematics file
Bill of material

There is a new version of the DFRobot shield!
Please check this forum thread for help on making the new display function properly with the software: Button Problem


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